How to Find the Best Women’s Rain Boot

Colorful, funky rubber rain boots are one of this year’s hottest fashion trends. They are definitely the most FUN way to keep your feet warm and dry in yucky weather, and they make excellent gifts, too. How can you not smile when you see someone walking around in one of those adorable women’s rain boot fashions?

If you want to add a little whimsy to your life (or to the life of a lucky lady), buy a rubber women’s rain boot. Here are five issues to think about while you shop.

SIZING: If you’re shopping online, sizing issues can be challenging. The best advice here is to be aware of the various brands’ sizing quirks. For example, Chooka rain boot sizes run large, while Western Chief rain boot sizes tend to be wide, and they don’t come in half sizes. TIP: an easy way to discover a brand’s sizing quirks is to check out the product reviews on or other high-traffic websites.

DURABILITY: As functional as women’s rain boots can be, the more popular, ultra-cute ones aren’t really meant for yard work! Don’t abuse your boots. If you treat them well, they can last for a long time. If you have any heavy work to do outside, it’s better to buy some waterproof work boots.

TREAD: Rain can make walking surfaces slippery! It’s important to make sure that your women’s rain boot has good tread, to prevent you from falling into a puddle… or worse! TIP: for even better support, you can insert a pair of insoles. You won’t believe how much more comfortable this can be!

INSULATION: When you put a women’s rain boot in the snow, it does not automatically become a winter boot. You’d be surprised how many people try this, only to be unpleasantly surprised when their feet get really cold. Think about it, though; these boots are designed to keep your feet dry in the rain, but not necessarily the snow. You might be OK if you wore some serious wool socks with your rain boots, but then you might run into sizing issues. All things considered, it’s much smarter to wear regular winter boots in very cold temperatures.

COMFORT: Let’s face it, rubber rain boots are made of… you guessed it, rubber. Rubber isn’t always the most comfortable material for clothing, but it’s great for waterproofing. I’ve found that most worthwhile boots will involve a “breaking in” period where you have to deal with a little bit of discomfort while the material conforms to the shape of your body. After that, you and your now-comfortable boots will become nearly inseparable.

Women’s rain boot fashions can express that free, artistic side of yourself and might even help you to strike up fun conversations with people. They can also make you feel like a kid again! Whatever your reason for considering rubber rain boots, you’re sure to find the best pair available if you keep these tips in mind.

Womens Fashion Tips For Looking Great

Many young women are making the shift from working in an office to working at home, many of them are opting to be stay-at-home moms or to start a home business so they can be more flexible. And many offices are finally allowing women to dress more casually at work, not just on Fridays, but all week long.

While students have always been able to dress as they please, more and more young women are now finding it possible to do the same. And retailers are stepping up to meet the rising demand for chic clothes that are comfortable and easy to care for, but look fashionable and trendy too.

Even so, it can be challenging to put together a unique wardrobe that is functional and looks good, too. If you are new to the work-at-home scene or a new mom, you may find yourself with a closet full of business wear and insufficient sportswear. What was once enough for weekends does not go very far when it becomes a daily thing. So, besides going shopping, how do you assemble a wardrobe of casual, comfy but fashionable pieces you can quickly pull together in the morning and still look great all day?

Start with what you love. You are now free to wear whatever you want, so get clear about what that is, You should already have some idea of your favorite looks from a quick check of your play clothes. And here’s a list of basics that will give you style, comfort, options and versatility.

(1) An assortment of cute tees, tanks and tops. Buy only those you love. You are dressing to please yourself. So remember, if you don’t feel good in it, it’s probably not worth a second look

(2) Jeans, khakis, cropped and yoga pants in neutral colors that will mix well with your tops. Straight-leg pants are best but you can throw in a few flairs or baggies for diversion. Add a few short cotton or khaki a-line skirts for days you want to look more girlie. You can also add a longer print skirt, but make sure it’s easy care and looks good wrinkled. Indian print skirts are ideal for this purpose. Finally, find a few pairs of shorts with a comfortable fit.

(3) Assorted active wear for cooler weather. Add a few sweater dresses to wear with leggings or tights for a change of pace. Long knit tunic tops work well with skinny jeans and leggings, too. You’ll need a few cardigans in neutral or jewel tones. Wear the neutrals over colors and the jewel tones over black. For comfort and warmth, add some colorful leg warmers, like those featured in the Marc by Marc Jacobs fall collection.

(4) Sundresses that can be dressed up or down, one in basic black. Sundresses can also be covered with a light cardigan or shawl when the weather turns cool.

(5) One casual blazer to wear over a tee when you want to look businesslike. A basic black outerwear jacket with a fashionable cut to go with everything in cold climates, or a light suede or leather jacket for mild winters. In chilly locales, augment the jacket with a great knit hat, some colorful knit scarves, and one great pair of gloves.

(6) Cheap jewelry to amuse yourself when you grow bored with your outfits. A selection of inexpensive ballet flats in colors, a few pair of flip-flops and some Keds in a bright color. Don’t forget an all-purpose bag. You may want to recycle your college backpack (great for stashing while shopping and it doubles as a diaper bag). Add a quality shoulder bag that goes everywhere and a small black clutch for evenings out.

(7) Fashionable claw-clips to pull your hair up and assorted ponytail bands for quick hair fixes.

(8) A plaid flannel work shirt (steal one from your boyfriend, husband or dad) to substitute for a cardigan or jacket.

(9) A baseball cap for bad hair days and a great pair of sunglasses.

(10) Recycle any business wear that can go casual. Some tanks and tees may work as well with jeans as with business suits, and you will save yourself from feeling like they are going to waste.

With casual clothes, it’s best to stay in the low to moderate price range unless you have unlimited resources. Think Macy’s, Dillards, department store junior departments, Target, J.C. Penney and Forever 21. All these retailers have an extensive, affordable and every-changing selection of trendy but inexpensive casual clothes. You can also find things online. And if you live in the city, shop street vendors for unique styles and colors where you can even haggle about price if you feel in the mood.

For more information on fresh new women’s wear, log onto the brand created by Vanessa and Angela Simmons of the MTV shows Run’s House and Daddy’s Girls.

The Best Women’s Designer Clothing

What are the hottest winter looks in women’s designer clothing? This is a question that is still on many people’s minds even though the styles have already made it from the Paris and Milan catwalks to the stores. Before purchasing that coat, dress or pair of jeans women all wants to know if they are going to be wearing the most up to the minute fashions.

It seems that this winter most women’s designer clothing is made with sleek lines, rich earth toned colours and natural materials. Michael Kors, Jewel, DKNY, Ruska and Andrew Marc all have walking coats that are fashioned with feminine, body skirting silhouettes. Wools are extremely popular and this organic fabric is being heavily used by most of the major lines featuring women’s designer clothing.

This year there are also more coats that are being made with natural shearling produced in Italy, Portugal and Spain. The richness of the colours shown in these women’s designer clothing pieces is because the top designers are dying the fabrics by hand and they are also using organic plant extracts. Chocolates, caramels, burnt orange and rich reds are some of the top colour choices that have been translated from the runways to retail stores. One look at the top designer walking coats featuring these deep rich shades is enough to convince most fashion conscious females that these coats are definite “must have” selections for their own winter wardrobe collection.

The newest dresses, coats and jeans are being designed with a fashion forward eye, but the feminine lines are a definite plus. Many people feel that women’s designer clothing has been lacking a truly feminine edge during the past years and they are glad to see it has finally returned. Small flourishes and accents are highlighting many of these best selling garments. The ruffled, baby doll collar on a DKNY wool herringbone coat is a perfect example that shows how the designers are successfully blending their own personal touches with more traditional styles to produce winning looks for winter.

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Wear the Right Kind of Footwear – Buy the Best Women’s Shoes

Looks does matter in today’s competitive world. It is one of the crucial issues. You need to present yourself in the right way. Whether you are going out for a party or just moving out to have fun with your friends or preparing yourself for an office conference, you need to present yourself in the right way. Corporate world is giving much importance to presentation. If you are new to the business world and searching for a job, you need to groom yourself in the right way. From costume, shoes, accessories to jewelries, everything plays a crucial role in making you beautiful.

Select the items after enough considerations. Dress is an important part of our fashion wardrobe. Women love clutch bags. They are stylish. But shoe is no less essential. In fact it completes the true sense of style. It can have positive impact on your personality and career. The most important part is that it can bring positive change in your personality thereby making you more confident.

Shoe is considered as one of the essential accessories for women as well as men. But the craze is more among the women to search for fashionable shoes. When it comes to selecting footwear, they give much importance to style. Most of the ladies, who have a sense of fashion, look for shoes that are stylish in outlook. In some cases, they forget to consider the comfort factor. It can have negative impact on the health of their feet. They might face problems in walking as a result of wearing uncomfortable or bad quality footwear. It is wise to consider both the style and the comfort factor while opting for footwear.

It may become quite confusing for you to select a shoe from a long list as there are so many varieties of shoes to choose from. There are different types of women’s shoes available in the market. With the increasing demand for stylish and comfortable footwear, footwear designers are designing more improved and fashionable shoes.

Ladies boots are quite popular among the women. They just love to pamper their feet wit ladies boots. It adds style and beauty to their personality. Various kinds of ladies boots are available. Among them, FM boots are gaining much popularity. They are not classy in appearance, but also provide comfort.

When it comes to wearing shoes, many ladies prefer to opt for heels. They are elegant and beautiful. You can add grace and beauty to your personality by wearing a stylish heel. Stiletto heels are quite popular of the genre. They can make you look fashionable and beautiful. Kitten heels are also famous among the stylish women. They are not only comfortable, but also durable. Moreover, they are also stylish and classy in look.

You need to act wise while purchasing a shoe. Make it sure that it is comfortable and stylish. These are two of the crucial things to consider. Also make it sure that it fits well in your feet.

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What Is The Best Summer Fashion Bags Nowadays?

Summer is the best part of the year. Any one can do a lot of things and happenings. Taking vacations to other places specially to beaches. In this time of the year where fashions go wild, trends and design are in competitions. Summer is like a stage on which women can wear clothes according to their preference, showing their sexy and slim figure to their content. In summer, clothes of light color looks bright, giving people a sense of freshness.

It is a good time to show yourself in this summer, forget your work, a full relax of your body and heart. Different bags are essential of your cool summer tip, colorful woven is the darling of fashion in this summer. Not just clothing in this manner is in fashionable but a well as bags…. the summer fashion bags with matching hats.. Different bags are essential of your cool summer tip, colorful woven is the darling of fashion in this summer. There are several kinds of bags in the market that are very fashionable depending on the use and occasion one wants to use it. But summer is the most captivating time where different types of summer fashion bags usually available in the market.

In summer fashion bags, not just the outfit should compliment with the situation, but also the accessories from hats, earrings, shoes as well the bags. Among women, bag is a big deal in dealing with fashions. Of course there no need for you to buy all these bags for all different occasions unless you have always budget for it. Investing in bags of different functions will add much color to your life.light color Just as we wear various clothes on different occasions, our bags must be suitable for different occasions.

Summer fashion bags come in different designs and sizes as well as trend or brand. Mostly summer fashions bags appears to be big in sizes,floral most of the designs and fashionable.

To be good looking, not necessarily new in all outfit and accessories, Mix and match outfit with old stuff is very applicable as long as it fit to the season and occasions.

In Little La Boutique summer is the time to help women meet their needs, to get those affordable must-haves that has good quality and very much in the now. To give you that cute dress for your romantic summer, or that casual attire to relieve you from stress of working on summer schedule and best of all getting your hands on that special summer fashion bags that you will not part with through out your vacation.

5 Social Benefits of Looking Your Best – Women’s Fashion Is a Must!

It’s official, how you look can directly affect: What you earn, the people you attract, career progression, what other perceive of you and your general self confidence!

This week, I’ve been researching what Social benefits can come of looking good and found these five, short, sweet and to the point. Have a read through the below as it could be what your missing!

Boost your salary by 5 to 10 percent – Yes it’s true! According to the beauty and labour market, people who make an effort on a consistent basis to dress and impress will have a higher chance of receiving a pay rise studies show. It is believed that the better you dress, the more it shows you mean business!

Second Interview stage – As an ex-recruiter, I wanted to clarify if this was the case and apparently it is! The more effort you put in for that important day in your choice of clothing, immediately shows to your potential employer that your consistent and professional.

Raise your general self confidence – I’m sure that you even know this deep down. If you look great, then you feel great! Increasing your confidence and self-belief. Vintage Fashion, Girl’s fashion or just general Women’s fashion! It should not longer be seen as a choice… but a MUST!

Amplify how others perceive you – FACT! If you see a man wearing an expensive watch, then surely you will perceive that they are: a. Well paid in what they do and b. Has a good job? Well this is the same for women from a man’s perspective. If you dress to impress, then other people will have higher perceptions of you. In turn, the conversations that you will have will seem more fruitful. Fashion really is a must.

Land a higher starting salary – A researcher from Fairleigh university found that people who accepted jobs and dressed well for the occasion, received a higher starting salary than what they initially asked for. Why is this? Because they don’t want to lose a Fashion Guru like you to a competitor! That’s why!!

So if you put the above together and decide to make a conscious effort to be more trendy and fashionable, then in turn you will: Boost your salary, Perform better in interviews, Raise your general self confidence, amplify how others perceive you and land a higher starting salary when you start your new job.

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Five Best 2011 Fashion Items to Keep for 2012

Every year, fashion trends changes drastically. Some of the hottest pieces that you have from the current year may not be for keeps for the coming one. However, fashion experts say that 2012 will be a different year for fashion. Yes, the changes will be dramatic as people can expect it to be, but there will still be a few finds inside your closet that you must not put into the recycle bin because you can still use them to rock a 2012 outfit. Here are the top five fashion picks that can still work its way to fashion dominance for 2012:


Wide-legged pants are fashion chameleons that can be worn from summer to spring. Despite its length and volume, wide-legged pants are items which are supposed to be made in light-weight fabric so that it can be worn even when the weather is humid. Also, it is flexible because it can be made into any color or pattern depending on the mood or the personality of the person who will wear the item. 2012 will still embrace these wide-legged pants so better keep them inside your closet.


The high-slit dress first sky-rocketed to success during the nineties. While it is a fact that fashion trends come back every now and then, the high-slit dress can still be worn on 2012 and it will still be a fab find even after its first renaissance last 2011. It will still be the eye-catcher on every evening party, runway show and even corporate events when matched with a sheer top. Slip on a dress with a high slit that flaunts long legs and you will never be in the corner again.


Whoever said that tuxedos are just for men must have not seen the arrival of this classic piece in the twentieth century. Tuxedo jackets are one of those pieces for women that never fail to sport an impression of androgyny. For women who want to channel a more intense, high-fashion and edgy look, the tuxedo jacket is the way to go.


Tops and dresses with baby collars extend its stay in the fashion limelight as it will be another “happening” item in 2012’s fashion. Popularized by Louis Vuitton, baby-collared tops will enter a more serious revolution with candy colors and playful prints to sport that sweet sixties look.


There was a time in fashion when stilettos were all the women’s rave. Though a foot-killer, stilettos were the must-haves for women because of two things: they are pretty to look at and they give the benefit of additional height to women. Beautiful on the feet but monster on the feel, stilettos scooted a little space to give way to the arrival of platform heels and wedges. These heels are of towering height but are not very painful to wear because of the added support heel on the toes. Now, looking taller does not need to be painful with platform wedges and heels. And yes, they are here to stay for 2012 and beyond.

Womens Fashions: Buying The Right Trousers

When it comes to buying trousers, women can find the task extremely daunting, there are so many considerations to take account of, that it is easy to become overwhelmed. Some questions that all women need to ask themselves when buying women’s trousers include: what colours suit me? What size should I buy? Do I buy tailored trousers? Should I buy denim? As you can appreciate, the questions are many and many women purchase trousers that they do not suit because they have neglected to consider certain key issues when purchasing their clothes. The consequence is that they walk away with clothes that do not suit them, at least, not as well as another pair may suit.

When buying women’s trousers, the most important consideration is size, wearing a pair of trousers that are not well fitted can have an enormous impact on your appearance. Tight trousers are uncomfortable, and will frequently cause a bulging effect, that is not very attractive. Wearing trousers that are too baggy can make a person appear larger than they are – for many women this is something they wish to avoid. The best way to ensure fit, and to know the exact size that you should be wearing, is to try the trousers on. A good fit will allow a little give at the waist, enough to comfortably fit your thumb, no more and no less, you should not be able to feel any pinching around the hips or thighs either, a little give is essential.

Next, you must ensure that you purchase the right style, both in terms of the occasion for which they are being purchased, and in terms of current fashion trends. Formal occasions require high quality trousers, generally in a block colour, such as brown or black, and with few embellishments. For less formal occasions, then fashion should be the main consideration, choose stylish trousers that are up to date – remember, not all fashion trends will suit your body shape, so choose a fashion that does. If in doubt, research online what the latest trends may be, and whether they suit your body shape.

Colour is also a consideration of which to take account. Depending on your skin tone and your shape, some colours will suit, and some will not. In general, black suits most people, it is a fantastic colour for creating a slimming effect, so for women that worry about their appearance looking a little podgy, then black is the perfect colour. The reverse is true of white, never wear white trousers if you feel self-conscious about your body shape – although, white is ideal for taller women wishing to look shorter.

When buying women’s trousers, it is important to research which styles, cuts and colours will suit you. When undertaking your research, make sure that you consider your body shape, your skin tone, your tastes, and the current fashions.

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Gladiator Shoes Are the Best Ladies’ Fashion Shoes

Ladies fashion shoes have come up to meet the requirements of fashion for women. However, in today’s date the ladies fashion shoes are also designed keeping in mind the needs of comfort and protection as well. Since women have to move out every day like men they require shoes that would keep their feet comfortable and relaxed. One such shoe which provides both fashion as well as comfort is the gladiator shoes.

The gladiator shoes basically are the ultimate shoe for style. It is generally renowned for its variety of straps. These straps together form a distinct “T”. Since they are topped in the fashion charts, they have been a great rage as ladies fashion shoes.

As days are advancing, more and more recent innovations are brought into these ladies fashion shoes both in terms of style and comfort. Currently these court shoes are available in plenty of varieties which have come out to be a lot different from those of the ancient shoes. Now the court shoes are available not only in flats but at the same time in zippers and heels as well. Apart from the variation in style, there has also been a variation in the materials used in the design and manufacture of the gladiator shoes.

There was a time when the were mainly made of leather. However, currently along with pure leather, synthetic leather, plastic is also used in their manufacture. These are available in variety of designs, colors and prices. They are also comfortable to a great extent so that it can be worn throughout the day without any difficulty.

Apart from that, several innovation and improvement has also been done in the styles of the gladiator shoes. Some shoes have been designed with studs, some with colorful buttons, and some with laces, some with ribbons, some with buckles and some even with embroidery.

The gladiator shoes that are available today are quite trendy. These ladies fashion shoes can be worn with any outfit and at any occasion. There are some which come with criss-cross straps on the legs. These would be most suitable with the knee length skirts and they simply enhance the elegance of the shoes. Apart from elegance, these shoes also provide enormous beauty to the legs.

Apart from the ‘T” straps, “Z” straps are also available in the recent days. These have really taken the fashion world by storm. These gladiator shoes and sandals are typically modern and cater to the needs of perfectly modern women. In fact, these are a kind of must haves for every woman in all seasons and all occasions.

How to Choose the Best Women’s Uggs

Purchasing women’s uggs may not be as easy as it seems. Today ladies would also have fashion considerations to think about aside from worrying about where to get the authentic product. There are a couple of things you could do though to help make shoe shopping more of a breeze.

Study the Styles

In the past, it was usually just a choice between tall or short classic of this type. These days though, these sheepskin boots come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. You can have crochet or cardy or the usual suede in various boot styles. Moreover, there are now numerous other designs for ugg shoes and slippers that women can wear on casual occasions or at home.

Before setting out to buy the product, make sure you do a little online research on what you really like. Take into consideration your own preference and the colors and clothes styles in your present wardrobe. There are also some women who may look better in some styles but not in others. Some petite women for example would look great with classic tall kinds while others would appear squatter.


One way to help you decide on the best ones for women is to do a little research. Look at boot or shoe styles. You could also read product reviews that will give you comprehensive user opinions and experiences with a particular style. Reading reviews will also probably give you a clue on the places that are the best for shopping for the product. You need this particular information so that you don’t end up buying knock off ones.

Look at the Children’s Section

There are a couple of good reasons why you should take a look at children’s uggs while shopping. If you have small or dainty feet, some might be able to fit you. You can then enjoy an even greater variety of choices. For some women this is a great chance to save up on a few dollars. Children’s uggs cost a little cheaper than those for adults.

Comparison Shop

Official affiliate websites of the product can also carry authentic ones which you can choose from. There are many legitimate websites that sell quality authentic footwear. Don’t just settle though on the first website you come across. It is a good idea to comparison shop. Some websites might not have updated prices. Others might also be offering some uggs models at a discount.

Try comparing products from different sites in order to detect fake uggs. You may notice suspiciously low prices and differences in footwear features once you compare items from one website to another.

Save Up

If you intend to get the authentic ones, you may simply have to save up as these can be quite expensive. Stiff prices and the difficulty of finding a preferred design sometimes drive people to indiscriminately buy from some auction sites. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying from auctions or buying second hand but you need to be able to tell fake uggs from real ones.

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